OneVue RE Services

OneVue RE Services delivers specialist Responsible Entity (RE) services to investment managers offering managed investment schemes. RE clients range from established domestic investment managers to recognised global brands all creating products for Australian investors.  Custodians can also package OneVue's RE Services with their custody and unit registry services creating a one-stop shop for investment managers. 

If you are looking for an RE that understands the competitive environment and dynamic nature of markets, then OneVue is the partner for you. We are on your side solving issues as they arise, improving the time to market of new funds, simplifying the administration and taking responsibility for the compliance and regulatory burden. We balance being conservative, diligent and risk-aware with empowering you to be creative. Your success is our success.

Whatever your needs, as a client you will benefit from our expertise, established network, in-depth local and regulatory knowledge and ability to negotiate on your behalf.

Our services allow fund managers to focus on asset growth, management and investor relations, knowing that fund governance, due diligence and risk management and are in the hands of an experienced and trusted fiduciary.

We could not recommend OneVue RE Services strongly enough. They have helped grow our fund from $5m to over $300m in new capital raised. They have world-class compliance, governance and risk management and have been engaged in every aspect of our business. In contrast to some compliance organisations, OneVue is also highly commercial and focussed on ensuring that your business actually succeeds. As a result of our partnership with OneVue, we have much stronger compliance and governance oversight than, we believe, managers with internalised Responsible Entities. At the end of the day, there is no substitute for true independence. And what makes it all work is that OneVue are affordable and believe in an equitable sharing in margins.

Chris Joye, Director, Smarter Money Investments


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